Extend Device Lifespan, Enhance Security: Discover ChromeOS Flex

Upgrade your school's technology without breaking the budget. ChromeOS Flex delivers a fast, modern, sustainable and secure learning experience for everyone.

Five reasons to renew your school's devices

with ChromeOS Flex and Chrome Education Upgrade

The power of ChromeOS, no new hardware needed:

Transform existing PCs and Macs into cloud-based ChromeOS devices, extending their lifespan securely and unlocking the best of Google for Education.

Save money, boost school tech:

Reduce IT costs, repurpose existing devices, and streamline your school's technology footprint with a budget-friendly, sustainable solution.

Simple to deploy, easy to manage:

Remote installation and cloud-based management make ChromeOS Flex a breeze for IT teams.

Secure and reliable:

ChromeOS is built with security in mind, offering automatic updates, sandboxing, and protection against malware. Keep your existing devices that are coming to end of life supported.

Perfect for future upgrades:

Experience ChromeOS Flex and see the potential for upgrading to modern Chromebooks and the full power of Google Workspace for Education.

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