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To get a more versatile approach, organizations are now finding out more reliable and faster ways of processing.
For many years, Microsoft has been the 'King' of software. They were the go-to for word-processing presentations and spreadsheets. Microsoft 365 ultimately remains popular, but Google has become the major contender in office software in the last few years with its Google Workspace suite.
While both suites started in office software, they have evolved beyond basics to advance. So, when you're looking for collaborating, email, instant messaging and shareable documents, which office suite is best for you?

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace offer many of the same features, but they, take different approaches when delivering those features.


First, their Essential tools are explained below in the blog.

Second is their Pricing:

Google Workspace Pricing in India have 4 standard options:

  1. "Business Starter" ($6) which offers 100 participants meetings, 30 GB Cloud per storage, custom and secure business emails, standard support and more.
  2. "Business Standard Package" ($6) which offers, 150 participants video meetings + recordings, 2 TB Storage per user, security support upgraded to Enhanced Support, security and management controls and more.
  3. "Business Plus" ($18) which includes, custom and secure business email + eDiscovery + retention, 500 participants video conferencing meeting + recording + attendance tracking, 5 TB cloud storage per user, security support upgraded to Enhanced Support, enhanced Security including Vault + Advanced Endpoint Management.
  4. "Enterprise Package" in which when none of the packages fits your choice, you can opt for this one. It has many benefits like custom and secure business email + eDiscovery + retention + S/MIME encryption, 500 participants video conferencing meeting + recording + attendance tracking + noise cancellation + in-domain live streaming, as much storage as you need, enhanced Security including Vault + DLP + Data regions + Enterprise Endpoint Management, security support upgraded to Enhanced Support and more.


  1. Microsoft 365 Business Basic ($6/per month if ready to pay annually at once and $7.5 if you want to pay monthly)
  2. Microsoft 365 Business Standard ($12.50)
  3. Microsoft 365 Business Premium ($22)



Google Workspace is just like any other productivity and collaboration tool provided by 'Google' itself. It is also known as "G suite". It jumps up and ties together to make your collaborations and business meeting smooth in one go.

There are many collaborative apps provided by Google, such as Gmail, and Google meets, which are widely operated by a large population of people.

Here is the list of apps which are integrated with Google Workspace:

  1. Gmail: If you create your account on Google Workspace, you create your business email. Here you can create a custom business email. For example, if you sign up for a free Gmail account, you might have the email, which is way more professional than your personal and your free Gmail account.
  2. Google Calendar: A reminder app for all your major events. From scheduling upcoming events to getting early reminders about a meeting, you'll not be missing any major updates. Moreover, you can create multiple calendars for multiple events to ace your team members' accessibility.
  3. Google Meet: It is a video conferencing platform similar to zoom but owned by Google. Meet video meetings are encrypted with transit and build protection, keeping your meeting safe and secure. By fixing your meeting schedule and events on the Calendar, business participants can easily join through the shareable invite link of that particular meeting. It is easily accessible through a mobile phone, laptop, or conference room, whether in the office, school, or remote.
  4. Chat: Google Chat is the best option for selecting a customized team of dedicated members, where you can do conferencing, discuss projects, collaborate, manage, and share files, and docs, pdf's in an organized manner.
  5. Google Drive: It is basically a cloud-based software curated by Google with SSL encryption. With 15 GB storage, it is an easy interface. Here, you can create your document, share files within computers, and view and watch the starred documents. You can also reach out to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Presentations, PDFs without any trouble. A large population of people and business owners uses it to store information, photos, and important documents.
  6. Docs: It is a Cloud Storage Document where you can access your documents from anywhere in the world. Plus Point is, it is a free version with auto-saving and offline compatibility. Voice input is the best-utilizing tool for many users and has more styles of fonts than Microsoft Word. It is even tightly secured that people who have access can only open it.
  7. Sheets: It is a form of collaborative Spreadsheets. It offers a lot of flexibility to track, organize, and evaluate important data and documents.
  8. Slides: It is more reliable and essential for presentation skills. Automatic saving makes it more as there is a security of losing no data. Here, the embedded file is not a big daunting task as compared to MS Excel.
  9. Forms: It is a complicated tool for analyzing simple RSVPs to complicated surveys.
  10. Keep Notes: You can record your personal data as one of the notable points on Notes with an easily editable feature.
  11. Sites: It is a cloud-based software. It takes vital care of all the back-end work of your site. It is free and offers real-time collaboration.


Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based version of the Microsoft suite of Software accessible from anywhere through OS and Browser. It is subscription based with co-authoring features, internet connectivity, 1 TB cloud storage, and multi-device accessibility. Users can encrypt data and manage permissions managed using RMS (Right Management Service)

These includes:

  1. Microsoft Word: It is used to create a range of documents using accessible & customizable tools and features.
  2. Microsoft Excel: It is a spreadsheet program used for managing numerical data with tools like charts, shapes and more, available both online and offline.
  3. Microsoft Powerpoint: It is used to create professional presentations such as basic slide shows using images, videos and sound.
  4. Microsoft Outlook: It is a centralized information management app used for tasks like emails and calendars, along with helping other team members connect with each other.
  5. Microsoft Teams: It is a cloud-based workspace for messaging, conferencing and file sharing between teams in an organization. You can make either Private Teams (invited users only) or Public Teams (are open to sharing data with anyone)
  6. Microsoft Publisher: It is a desktop-only publishing application for creating professional digital content with easy-to-use and multiple functionalities.
  7. Microsoft Access: It is a desktop-only database application used for recording and analyzing data and generating reports
  8. Microsoft OneNote: It is a note-taking program used to gather different content into one location and share notes available both online & offline.
  9. Microsoft One Drive: It is a cloud-based service for managing, storing and sharing documents with teammates through a browser or desktop app. It helps in creating, uploading and automating your documents.
  10. SharePoint Online: Microsoft collaboration platform where organization members can communicate, exchange information and collaborate seamlessly.
  11. Delve: It is a cloud-based solution for viewing feeds of relevant shared activity within your organization's Microsoft 365 environment.


The conclusion is in a time of growth, Google Workspace suit will best fit your business as it has endless solutions to your unlimited problems.

To get more updates, or buy Google Workspace or Microsoft365, don't forget to reach out to us to avail any of these services.

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