with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade

The Teaching and Learning Upgrade includes all features of Education Fundamentals plus enhanced video conferencing, enriched class experiences, and tools to drive academic integrity and transform learning.


Enhanced communication
Take virtual engagement to the next level with breakout rooms, attendance tracking, Q&A, polling, and more in Google Meet.

Classroom  Assignments

Encourage original work
Give students and teachers premium tools to check work for needed citations with unlimited originality reports and peer-to-peer comparisons.


Enrich class experiences
Seamlessly integrate EdTech tools and content directly within Classroom


Engage learners with premium Google Meet capabilities

  • Host larger meetings for up to 250 participants and livestream events with up to 10,000 in-domain viewers

  • Collaborate in smaller group discussions simultaneously with breakout rooms

  • Create interactive Q&As and polls to encourage more participation during classes

  • Easily monitor attendance to keep classes on track, so students stay motivated and absorb each lesson

  • Record, save, and archive meetings directly to Drive to watch and share later as needed


Enhance class experiences and inspire new ideas

  • Create more compelling content with Classroom add-ons, integrating your favorite EdTech tools and content right inside Classroom — all with a single sign-on

  • Provide easy access to a marketplace of add-ons directly from Classroom, so teachers can choose exactly the tools they want

  • Enable administrators to push add-ons to individuals or groups of teachers, such as by grade level or topic


Encourage original thinking and promote academic integrity

  • Save time identifying potential plagiarism and help guide authentic student work with unlimited originality reports

  • Identify peer matches by scanning work against a private domain-owned repository of past student submissions

  • Add or delete files from your domain-owned repository for complete control and privacy

  • Provide students more opportunities to check for originality, helping them take ownership of their work

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Find answers to common questions

What is the price of this edition?

For details on Google Workspace for Education pricing, please contact Sales.

What’s included in Teaching and Learning upgrade ?

Please refer to our detailed comparison chart for full features included in the teaching and learning upgrade edition.

is there any difference in pricing for buying licenses for some users versus all users ?

No. With the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, you can choose how many licenses to buy. Save by consolidating cost of additional enhanced tools onto a single platform, and only pay for licenses you need.

How much storage teaching and learning edition offer?

Institutions that buy the Teaching and Learning Upgrade receive an additional 100 GB per license added to their shared pool, with no cap. This is on top of any existing storage the institution may have.


Upgrade to Google Workspace Teaching and Learning Edition

Support educators with the tools needed to deepen learning experiences across your school community.


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